Version1 Version2 Hummer
Which DTV do YOU Have?
Sold In RAM Flash 8bpp-256
color mode
Add Keyboard
& Disk Drive
Add Second
Joystick Port
Add S-Video User Port
Version 1 NTSC Only USA/Canada 128K No No Yes No Yes No
Version 2/3 NTSC/PAL Europe 2 MB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hummer NTSC/PAL USA 2 MB Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Welcome to our all-new DTV Hacking Website hosted on This site is dedicated to documenting the most fascinating retro gaming device to hit the market so far this century. The Commodore DTV is a gaming joystick which comtains 30 built-in games from the 1980s. Just like those from Jakk's Pacific, it runs on batteries and plugs right into your television. The coolness factor alone is enough to make anyone want one of these. It also has earned the right to be called one of the most hackable gadgets on the market. That is because anyone with basic soldering skills can attach a PS/2 keyboard and a diskdrive, hence making it a fully functioning Commodore 64. There were two versions of this joystick, and then their cousin the "Hummer Off-Road racing game" which also has a DTV version 3 board inside. All 3 units can be hacked, to different extents (see chart above) For more information on each individual product, click its picture at the top of the page.

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Were looking to archive all documents and files on the DTV64: email zap at cbm8bit dot com.