Flashing the Kernal and Filesystem on Hummer & DTV2

update - 01-11-2006 -Daniel has released a new version of the tool which works perfectly with the Hummer, it is version 0.9a. Using it to flash the kernal will free up the user-port, make your hummer boot directly to BASIC (in color too), and fix the save-to-disk bug.

Flashing the Hummer - The Hummer game comes with an Atmel AT49BV163A flash-ram chip. Daniel has written a flash program that works with the european DTV and the Hummer. However, that DTV uses a different flash chip, the Atmel AT47BV161T. They are very similar chips. The one in the Hummer is actually a superior chip. The one in the european DTV has a very low re-flash rating (I think around 1,000)

Flashing the Hummer - Thanks to Daniel Kahlen (Click here for his website) for the flashing utility used on the european DTV. Check his site for latest version. If his site is down, use this link: flash-0.9a.prg

Boot to BASIC fix - For those who are too scared to flash the whole kernal, but would like the machine to boot directly to BASIC, use this procedure. Be sure to use the "program single byte function" for the instructions below. This modification will make your hummer boot to BASIC each time you turn it on, instead of booting to the hummer-game. NOTE - do not use this procedure on the DTV joystick, this is only for the Hummer.

Patch $00F992 in the ROM with $00 (was $04 before).
This will make the check for the ctrl-key always true, and thus start DTVLOAD automatically.
Patch $00FAC0 in the ROM with $00 (was $40 before).
This will make the check for any key in DTVLOAD true by default and skip directly to basic after printing the DTVLOAD string.

Also, it is possible to still run the hummer game itself, just type this in: LOAD"*",1,1:RUN

Replacing the Kernal - For those who want to go the distance and flash your whole kernal, follow these instructions. You'll need a kernal. You can use mine, if you like. Get it here - NEW_KERN.BIN. (Although this is copyrighted, I do not believe it is possible to use it on anything except a hummer game. Therefor if you own a hummer game, you already own or are licensed to use this, because it came with it) Also, this kernal should work on a DTV joystick, but it is hard-coded for NTSC and the crystal in the Hummer. So unless you are planning to convert your Joystick to NTSC, I wouldn't use this one.

Replace your filesystem - After you flash the hummer, the filesystem will be useless. I recommend using the flash program to wipe clean the entire flash from $010000 through $1F0000. Then you can use a combination of Daniel's flash program and my DIREDIT program to add new files (see more about this here)

Or to make it easy, just download this predesigned filesystem with some little goodies already packed in there for you:
010000.bin - Flash it to $010000 - $02FFFF
030000.bin - Flash it to $030000 - $04FFFF
050000.bin - Flash it to $050000 - $061FFF

  • Adcrd04b - GMoon's ADC read program for the hummer - currently broken
  • Austrospeed - BASIC Compiler like Blitz
  • Diredit - My directory editing program
  • Dir - Lists the flash directory (since $ doesn't work)
  • Dtvmon - Machine Language Monitor
  • flash-0.9a - T.L.R.'s flash program
  • Kernalpatcher - For testing Kernals in RAM
  • Sam - A software voice synthesizer
  • Say-it - An extra program for SAM
  • Swishsynth - Kaleidascope with music - currently broken
  • Thrust - Thrust concert demo - currently broken
  • Blackice - A nice single-file demo.
  • Bubbles - Another old, but neat demo.
  • SpyHunter - Fun Game keymap
  • Minima Reloaded - Fun Little game keymap
  • 80columns - Gives you an 80-column display. - currently broken
  • Space Invaders - You know what it is keymap
  • Total eclipse - 3D adventure game keymap
  • Doctor who - 2D Adventure Game keymap
  • Doctor Who 2 - Sequel to above keymap
  • Radar Rat Race - You know what it is. keymap

    Keep in mind, this only uses about 10% of the available flash area for files. So there is a lot more room to add stuff.

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