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Due to excessive spam and few actual news concerning the C64DTV, editing this wiki has been disabled since January 2012. Please send contributions by mail.


[edit] C64DTV Versions

  • DTV Version 1 - NTSC/ROM joystick sold by Mammoth Games in pyramid shaped packaging. Includes World Karate Championship and other games.
  • DTV Version 2/3 - PAL/FlashROM joystick sold by Toylobster in hexagonal packaging. Includes Alleykat and other games.
  • Hummer game console sold by Radio Shack

[edit] DTV Mods

[edit] Programming the DTV

[edit] DTV HOWTOs

[edit] Other Useful DTV Hacking Stuff

[edit] External Links

  • Read the C64 DTV story, from the C-one to the ASIC version!
  • Listen to Jeri Ellsworth Lectures about the C64 & C-One at Stanford University on Google Video

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