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[edit] About

DTVSlimIntro is a replacement for the original INTRO file in the DTV's flash. It is based on Roland's INTRO ( thread). Additionally to listing and starting programs, DTV palette can be chosen out of four presets as well as completely customized.

[edit] Usage

Put the file into the DTV's flash (for example using "Import PRG" in DTVFSEdit). It will display any files in Flash that use a start address different from 0. If start address is $0100/256, it will be started using BASIC RUN.

[edit] Go to BASIC

There's no "go to BASIC" option in DTVSlimIntro. However, you can simply put a dummy entry into the flash with start address 58260 ($E394: BASIC Cold Start). Spiff ZIP containing this trick.

[edit] PAL output settings ($D04E)

In the file listing, pressing the DTV buttons changes the DTV's D04E value (A=0,...,D=3). Some FBAS=>VGA converters are known not to work properly with the DTV's default setting (D04E=0) but with D04E=2 or 3. However, other devices have issues with these settings again.

If you want to hardcode a default value in DTVSlimIntro, use a hex editor to replace $2c at offset $7cf in the file by $8d, and put the D04E value of choice to $7ce. In the source, see the code after label mstart.

[edit] Autostart

DTVSlimIntro will autostart any file named AUTOSTART unless a key is pressed or joy2 is moved/a button pressed while DTVSlimIntro starts. This makes defaulting to BASIC, a modified softkernal, or the original DTVMENU quite easy.

[edit] Changes

  • 2009-09-19: added AUTOSTART feature, support movement using cursor keys (file list only)
  • 2008-10-11: added PAL D04E fix needed for some FBAS=>VGA converters, fixed palettes, faster start
  • 2007-11-03: Enable skip+burst for LOAD - big speedup for files that have not been compressed apart from the DTV Flash compression
  • 2007-09-20: Can load large files (extending above $0110f7), minor palette change

[edit] Todo

Not implemented yet (any takers?).

  • Parse "$" instead of accessing FlashROM

[edit] Download

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