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The DTV includes several features which extend the capabilities of the original Commodore C64.


[edit] DTV Hardware features

[edit] Articles on DTV Features

  • Blitting Benchmarks between the DMA, the Blitter, the burst mode and classic C64 blitting methods
  • TODO: Playing 8 bits audio sample using DTV SID additional registers
  • TODO: Implementing stable symmetric overscan
  • TODO: Display a 16 colors picture in FRED mode

[edit] Programming Documentation

[edit] For DTV1

[edit] For DTV2/DTV3

[edit] General C64 Docs

[edit] Programming Tools

[edit] 6510 Assemblers

  • Turbo Assembler with native support of DTV opcodes
  • Turbo Macro Pro - Assembler for 6510/DTV originating from the Omikron Turbo Assembler series
  • DTVMON - DTV specific machine language monitor originating in HesMon and CCSMON

[edit] 6510 Cross-Assemblers

  • Kick Assembler - a novel cross-assembler for 6502/6510/DTV. Java. No source available.
  • xa and dxa - xa assembler and dxa disassembler written in portable C. GPL. DTV support pending.
  • Dasm - a 6502 cross-assembler written in portable C. Source included. No DTV support. Last update in 2004.
  • Acme, TAss, CA65, C64Asm
  • 6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools List - BIG list of cross-dev tools, compiled by Daniel Fandrich
  • World of Fairlight - Fairlight's Tools, everything plus the kitchen sink

[edit] IDE (PC)

  • Relaunch64
  • Any good text editor with syntax highlighting and Run command line capabilities (to call the cross-assembler)

[edit] Other Programming Languages

  • cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and several other tools. No specific DTV support as of June 2007.
  • DTVBASIC - A BASIC extension for the DTV, by Grokk. Includes RAMdisk and DMA support.

[edit] C64DTV Emulators

[edit] Other tools

  • VSFReanimator converts a VICE snapshot (.vsf) to a .prg file that can be started on the DTV.

[edit] 65xx Documentation

  • - a resource for people interested in building hardware or writing software for the 6502 microprocessor and its relatives
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