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for dedicated programming utilities, see DTV Specific Programming

  • Flash utility - utility for reflashing DTV V2/V3 (Hummer, too.) By tlr.
  • DTVTrans - data cable plus utility for transfering data between C64DTV and PC.
  • DTVSlimIntro - INTRO replacement displaying a list of files in flash. Useful as a menu with reflashed new games.
  • DTVFSEdit - GUI editor for the DTV flash file system.
  • Kernalpatcher - reverse startup CTRL behaviour, fix some kernal bugs and other things.
  • dtv_detect_v1_0 uses DTV internals (blitter bug of V2, etc.) to determine the model.
  • Easy-Flash - an alternative to FLASH, but only for the C64DTV (no Hummer support.) By Roland.
  • DTVBIOS - Another INTRO replacement to make the DTV code-ready. Combines DTVBOOT, TurboMacroPro and DTVBASIC.
  • DTVBASIC - BASIC extension for the DTV, by Grokk. Includes ramdisk, DMA support, DIR and extended flash disk support.
  • TRSI-KERNAL - Kernal extension for the DTV, by Peiselulli. Includes many features; must be used with tlr's DTVMON (working on Hummer unknown).
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