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[edit] Brief Summary

The Hummer Off-Road Racing Challenge game was sold by RadioShack for the 2005 Christmas season, it is no longer available through retail channels. While it was not sold as a Commodore device at all, it contains a version 3 DTV ASIC, 2MB RAM and 2MB FLASH ROM. It comes with the Hummer Off-Road Racing Challenge game, which was written specifically for the Hummer hardware. The Hummer off-road racing hardware is functionally equivalent to the DTV3 with the following notable exceptions, different timing Crystal, only 3 of 10 joystick I/O lines and an ADC included on-board. There are additional minimal differences in software related to PAL & NTSC issues. Since the Hummer lacks complete joystick ports a gaming solution has been developed which allows specially patched games that receive control from the userport to be played. The Hummer hardware also has the same video flaw (and same fix available) as the version 2/3 joystick sold in Europe.

[edit] Specifications

  • DTV3 core.
  • 2 MiB RAM
  • 2 MiB FlashROM (Atmel AT49BV163A)
  • Video output with programmabe color carrier and PAL/NTSC timing.
  • 6502 emulation supporting many undocumented opcodes.
  • 6502 skip internal cycle and burst mode selectable.
  • Steering wheel connected to an ADC (equivalent to a Sonix SNAD01C) START, CLK, DIO are hooked up to USR2-0.
  • Two steering wheel buttons (mapped as Delete and Return on the keyboard)

[edit] External Ports

  • Composite video
  • Audio

[edit] Internal Ports

These are only available by soldering.

  • PS/2 port (emulates the C64 keyboard matrix)
  • IEC port for connection of peripherals.
  • User port (8 bits)
  • Control port 1 ( 2 bits Up & Down only, JoyB0 and JoyB1 )
  • Control port 2 ( 1 bit Up only, JoyA0)

[edit] Howto

Hummer FAQ

Connect a Keyboard

Connect a Disk Drive

Fix the Audio Circuit

Fix the Video Circuit

Convert the Userport to a Joystick Port

Flash the Kernal

Add Software to the Flash - for the DTV, this is covered on Flash the DTV Rom#Flash new programs. However, the Hummer uses a slightly different flash file format for which no tools (dtvpack/DTVFSEdit) exist. Just flash a DTV2 kernal modified by Kernalpatcher - then your Hummer will use the DTV2/3 file system. DTVSlimIntro can be used for starting programs then. Navigation in the intro is possible using cursor keys - userport joystick is not supported.

Power Supply Options

Hummer Userport Patching: for those who want to patch their own games.

Pinouts and PCB Connects

Userport Patched Games

Hummer Kernal disassembly

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