Transferring programs to the DTV

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Currently there are many ways to transfer programs to your DTV. They mostly depend on what you want to achieve and the peripherals you have.

Common transfer methods are:

[edit] Using a DTV Joystick Port (or the User Port)

  • Use DTVTrans by Daniel Kahlin (tlr)
    • Fast (~12kBytes/Sec). PC with parallel port and special cable needed. Data can be transferred to the C64DTV's RAM this way. Bootstrapping can be done using a small BASIC program (see boot.txt included in DTVTrans download).

[edit] Use the DTV IEC port

  • With the PC-based parallel X1541 cable or XE1541 cable and some PC-based C64 floppy emulation like 64hdd
    • Extremely slow, some compatibility issues, DOS/FAT needed
  • With a real C64 floppy drive (1541, 1581,...)
    • Slow but of course highly compatible, using 1541 need a way to write data on a floppy (real C64), widespread solution by the way.
  • With the MMC2IEC SD & MMC based drive
  • With the 1541-III SD Card based drive

[edit] DTVLoad

DTVLoad is a transfer program for the Hummer, an addition to the modified C64 Kernel that is standard in the Hummer ROM.

Any data loaded into the DTV's RAM can be transferred to its FlashROM afterwards using the Flash utility.

Transferring data without hardware modifications is not possible since the DTV does not feature any input connectors.