DTV Hacking Viedos

I created this video to help would-be hackers clearly see how some of the modifications are made. I used music from as background music, for a nostalgic effect. I took video of the actual work of disassembling a Hummer game and turning it into a little computer. In many cases, I captured audio and video from the actual DTV board. So even though it is very clear, it is not an emulator that you are seeing. I edited the whole thing with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. 3D animations are done with Google Sketchup Pro.

Screenshots from video, click to enlarge.
Multimeter Hummer insides Playing Joystick Booting to BASIC 3D Jiffybox

The video isn't finished completely, but I'll put the chapters here as I finish them. If you just want to watch the video, I highly recommend clicking on the GOOGLE version, as it will stream to you in realtime from Google Video. If you want to have a copy of the video, they are available here in high-quality VideoCD and DVD formats.

Chapter Title Length VideoCD DVD Google
1 Intro 0:32 5.35MB 8.83MB N/A
2 DTV Joystick 0:54 8.98MB 22.5MB LINK
3 Hummer Intro 0:46 7.60 MB 18.2 MB LINK
4 Hummer Disassembly 2:18 22.9 MB 62.9 MB LINK
5 Audio Fix 1:37 16.1 MB 37.1 MB LINK
6 Video Fix 2:11 21.9 MB 48.6 MB LINK
7 Attach a Keyboard 1:46 17.6 MB 44.1 MB LINK
8 The Jiffy Box 2:33 25.4 MB 69.1 MB LINK
9 S-Video Hack 1:07 11.2 MB 28.0 MB LINK
10 Flashing the Kernel 3:58 39.6 MB 69.6 MB LINK
11 The User Port / ShuttleCraft 3:32 35.1 MB 91.5 MB LINK
12 Afterthoughts N/A N/A N/A N/A
13 Credits N/A N/A N/A N/A

I have only two chapters left to make. The credits are almost done, so really that is just 1 chapter. Check back often to see if it is ready!

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