Rizal Acob’s Hummer Mod built into a Data20 “Commodore Style” case

My project was inspired by what was sent by the modders in David’s site. Upon discovering that I had (3) DATA20 Cartridge in my old collection one of which has a “commodore style” case ( and also happened that it is not working due to broken crystal), I decided to do my second Hummer Mod using this case.

I also happened to have finished my MMC2IEC drive project (credits to the guys that helped my debug my Atmel programming) at this time so this was the chance to incorporate the drive as well into the project. The result of which are pictured in these “hack” submission to David Murray’s hack page.

Some of the parts that were used worth mentioning:
1.Audio/Composite/S-Video connectors were from an old hacked A/V switch.
2.The SD Card socket was a hacked SD Card reader which was “cheaper” that buying a SD Socket from Digikey (in Cdn $$)
3.The Hummer and MMC2IEC board can be disconnected easily by unplugging the 36-pin connector and 5V plug
4.The Joystick MOD was adapted from David’s Hummer joystick page.

Thanks to David’s publication of the various Hummer Mods in his page, which was instrumental in giving me ideas as to what was to be accomplished in this project.


David was also appalled that I gutted a “rare” Data20 Cartridge for use in this project. However, I also mentioned that I put away the electronics hoping to resurrect it one day.

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