Pictures of My Hacks and Others

This is essentially just a picture gallery showing some of the various DTV hacks I've come across. If you would like your hack displayed here (preferably if the photos are clear and the hack is good) then send me an email!

This is JTWinter's DTV, made from a hummer PCB and a Sony PS-One LCD. Can run on external power or batteries. Uses a Jordana PDA keyboard with a microcontroller convereting it to PS/2 data.

Upon discovering that he had (3) DATA20 Cartridge in his old collection, one of which has a “commodore style” case (and also happened that it is not working due to broken crystal), Racob decided to do his second Hummer Mod using this case.

This is David Murray's latest hack, which incorporates a 20x4 character LCD screen. The screen can run as a copy or virtual window to the main video display, allowing you to use the DTV with only the LCD, or it can run independently of main video.

under construction...

under construction...

This is Grokk's PAL DTV. This is a very innovative design, putting the keyboard and DTV right in the same box. Even though it appears the keyboard was built this way, Grokk actually stripped a small PS/2 keyboard and mounted it inside the triangluar plastic box. This is a very space-saving design, and reflects a lot of the original C64.

Robert Morgan's modded hummer in a wooden box.

This is Zee's Hacked DTV. It is housed inside a backlit PS/2 keyboard. The workmanship is superb.

This is Madmodder's DTV. Although I don't care much for the outer appearance, the inside is definatly the most well-made I've ever seen. He actually created a custom PCB and redesigned the audio and video circuits (just the analog portions) on the new PCB, eliminating the poorly designed resistor ladder on the original DTV board.

David Murray's Jiffy Box hack. This is the box I actually do all of my programming and playing on. It has the most done to it: Luma Fixed, Audio Fixed, Kernal Flashed, programs added to Flash-ROM, Ports added: Keyboard, Disk Drive, Power, S-Video, and User-Port. It is made from a Hummer board

X1541 put his DTV inside a real Commodore 64c.

Click here to see how my latest hack worked out. I decided to keep this one in the original game housing. I did the luma and audio fixes, power plug, and added keyboard and disk drive ports.

Version 1 Hack - David Murray's first DTV hack, done as cheaply and quickly as possible.

DTV Version 1 put into a Jiffybox. Second DTV Hack I ever did, and first jiffybox hack.

T.L.R.'s PAL DTV. This is a very standard way a lot of people have modded their joystick.

Steven Yockey's hack. Made from a Hummer PCB and placed in a SCSI enclosure.

Send pictures of your DTV and Hummer hacks here: or send me a link and I'll add your hacks to my page!

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