Game Screenshots

These are screenshots of the actual game, taken with a BT878 video capture card. These captures are all from before I did any of the video fixes. So the quality of the pictures is about what you would see righgt out of the box.

What is interesting is that the programming team hard-coded the game itself for NTSC mode at the last minute due to the change in the user-port setup. But they actually coded one value wrong. The timing value (POKE 53326,10) is set wrong. I'm not sure what it is set to in the game, but most monitors and TVs like a value of 10. So even after doing the resistor fixes, the game won't look as clear as it should. The only way to see the game as it was meant to be seen is to fix the resistors, then boot to BASIC, type in the correct values for your video output, then load the game and run it.

This is the mammoth toys logo on startup.

This is the DC Studios logo on startup.

This is the title artwork for the game.

This is the selection screen where you can pick different types of games to play, it is selected on demolition.

This is where you can select what kind of track you are going to be on.

This is what the actual gameplay looks like.

If you hold down the right button (A Button) when you first power on, you will get this screen. Then press the B button to get to the next screen.

This is a diagnostic program which will allow you to test the buttons, the steering wheel, the colors, memory, and sound. But once the memory counts up to 2 MB, the program stops.

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