The Hummer off-road racing game was sold by RadioShack for the 2005 Christmas season (and is still available for 2006 in most stores). It contains a version 3 DTV ASIC. It only plays a single game, which was written specifically for this unit. It is not sold as a Commodore device at all. It also has a user-port and has the same video flaw (and same fix available) as the version2/3 joystick sold in Europe. However, it lacks joystick ports (at all, other than 2 buttons) so is not very good for gaming. (Update - See Hummer Gaming section for some patched games!) However, it is the only product currently available in the USA that has the version 3 (the version 2 isn't available at all) and therefor also the only one that has flash memory, 256-color mode, and various other enhancements. Some games are keyboard playable, however, so it isn't totally useless, and it makes a good controller for electronics experiments since it has flash-RAM and a user-port.

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