Joystick Games for the Hummer

As most already know by this point, the hummer only has 3 usable joystick lines, and 1 of those 3 is from a different port. So that means playing games on the hummer is just about useless unless the game can be operated from the keyboard. As most games for the C64 were designed for the joystick, this eliminates 99% of C64 compatible games. However, it is possible to wire up a joystick to the Hummer's userport. The only problem is that software is not designed to look for a joystick on the user-port. So to remedy this, games must be "patched" to work with the user-port.

This is the basic idea for making a joystick port on your user-port. Essentially, the joystick is usually read as a single byte from memory locations $DC00 and $DC01 for ports 1 and 2. The userport is read in much the same way only at location $DD01. So the pinout here is designed to mimic the information as it would be read from the joystick port.

The following games have been patched and are available for download at this site. Keep in mind, these games will not work with a regular C64/128, C64 emulator, or a 64DTV unless the joystick is connected to the userport. There are other versions of these games available online should you want to play it on something besides a hummer.

Giana Sisters
One of the all-time great games! Similar to Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros." But many find it superior.

Get the disk image here: giana.d64
Patched by Expersetup.

Montezuma's Revenge
Another classic. I don't think there is an 8-bit system that this game wasn't ported to. The C64 version is one of the best, and now you can play it on your hummer!

Get the file here: montez-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Satan's Hollow
Haven't tried it yet..

Get the file here: SATAN-HUM.PRG
Patched by Expertsetup.

Space Harrier
Haven't tried it yet.

Get the file here: space-har.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Wizardry A.K.A. "Spell of Destruction"
An interesting game. Use the "Commodore Key" which is "ALT" on your PS/2 keyboard to go through doors. Use keys "1" and "2" to cycle through inventory.

Get the file here: spell-dst.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Ghosts and Goblins
This is an all-time classic, but more difficult to play than it looks.

Get the file here: ghosts-gob.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

This particular port has a few glitches. It has some corrupted graphics in some insignificant areas. But Also it has a bug where when starting the game, it goes into demo mode instead. If it does this, hit Runstop/Restore (On your DTV that is ESC/Pause-Break) and see if that solves it.

Get the file here: spelunker.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

This is a new game designed by Hannu Nuotio, since he designed it, he just changed the port with the original source.

Get the file here: pallo_hummer.prg
Coded by Hannu Nuotio

Here is a new one.

Get the disk image here: abyss-hum.d64
Patched by Expertsetup.

Here is another new one.

Get the file here: contra-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Here is yet another new one.

Get the file here: pboy-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Another classic ported.

Get the file here: commando.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Track and Field
Not one of my favorites, but here it is.

Get the file here: track-field.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Here is yet another patched game from Expertsetup!

Get the file here: krackout.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

One of my requests. A few more classics like this, and who needs the Atari flashback?

Get the file here: pitfall.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Ms. Pacman
Another one of my requests.

Get the file here: mspacman.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Spy Hunter!
Another classic from 1983. Actually, hummer owners have been playing this one for a while anyway as it is keyboard-playable. In fact, a keyboard is required in order to use some of the special weapons you can pick up. But now it can be played with a user-port joystick.

Get the file here: spyhunter.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

International Karate
Another classic just in!

Get the file here: internat-karate.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

The Green Beret
Another one.

Get the file here: greenberet.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Another classic just in!

Get the file here: 942hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Another classic just in!

Get the file here: boulder-dash.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Miner 2049'er
Another classic just in!

Get the file here: miner2049er-hum.prg
Patched by Ian Colquhoun.

Yie Ar Kung Fu
Another classic just in!

Get the file here: yie-ar-kung-fu.prg
Patched by Expertsetup.

Pac Man
The original version.!

Get the file here: pac-man-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup & JTWinters

Lode Runner

Get the file here: loderun-hum.prg
Patched by Ian Colquhoun

Bruce lee

Get the file here: brucelee-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup


Get the file here: rambo-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup


Get the file here: wizball-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup

One of my old favorites! Thanks Expertsetup. This was one of the first games to include digitized voices.

Get the file here: ghostbust-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup


Get the file here: barbarian-hum.prg
Patched by Expertsetup

Another classic, converted on my request, thanks Ian!

Get the file here: choplifter-hum.prg
Patched by Ian Colquhoun

Great graphics for a C64 game, this one is in the form of a disk-image. Sorry won't run from flash yet.

Get the file here: rastan-hum.d64
Patched by Expertsetup

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