The C64DTV and Hummer are cheap "console" video
games, each containing an elaborate hardware emulation of
the Commodore 64. The quality of the emulation is very high,
and there are suprises inside...

See the Hummer FAQ, or 'Links' for general info.

Good hacking,

Reading the Hummer ADC

ML routines for reading the onboard Analog-to-Digital Converter

cAVR64 Protocol

cAVR64 is a bidirectional communication protocol between the HummerDTV v3 and an AVR microcontroller. Currently supports reading ADC channels, I/O pins (R/W -- buttons, JSticks, LEDs, line drivers) and general data transfer.

Hummer FAQ

A preliminary draft of the Hummer F.A.Q.


Other DTV specs (IRQ lines, etc.)

Dtvkernal Utils

PS image of ASIC

DTV Links

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