Version 2 Hardware pictures and diagrams

Sorry, I currently don't have a lot of pictures of V2 hardware. From the outside it looks identical to the V1, only the PCB is different. This system has essentially the same procedure for connecting Keyboard and Diskdrive as the V1, only the solder points are in a different place. The Video Fix, kernal flashing, etc, is essentially the same as the Hummer.

This is a medium-resolution picture, with labels showing the various solder points on the V2 board.

High resolution picture of the top of the board. 3.78MB JPEG image @ 1968 x 1908

High resolution picture of the bottom of the board. 3.43MB JPEG image @ 1968 x 1884

You should be able to use the information here, combined with the port pinouts on this page to attach your keyboard and disk drive. Keep in mind that the Ground on the two connectors needs to come from anywhere on the board where ground is available. I usually use the one designated for the power input from the batteries. Also the PS/2 keybaord jack requires +5V, which you will need to get from somewhere. (see below)

Powering your DTV - The DTV has a built-in voltage regulator that takes the batteries' 6V down to 3.3V for the system. However, a PS/2 keyboard is designed to run off of 5V and it needs to be exactly 5V regulated. So my suggestion is to find a 5V regulated power source to drive the entire thing.

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