Version 2 of the DTV chip came out about a year later for use in the European "PAL" DTV. You will often see it refferred to as the "PAL DTV" but it isn't strictly PAL. It was designed to output PAL or NTSC depending on what crystal and settings it has. However, no DTV (in the form of a joystick) has been manufactured for the NTSC market. Version 3 is basically identical other than a few bug-fixes in the ASIC. So to be more accurate, on this site it will be referred to as the Version 2/3.

The version 2/3 is the most hackable of all the DTVs because it has both joystick ports available, and a user-port. It also has flash-memory that can be reprogrammed with your own software. However, it is plagued with a bad video problem. The version 1 had a video problem, but is caused by something different. In the version 2, the video is bad because the wrong resistor values were used in the video circuit. This issue affects all known units to date. The fix is listed below.

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